Tear Jerkers

If you're a woman (or a sensitive male) you love a good tear jerker.  Yesterday I watched the entire episode of Celebrity Apprentice.  This is the first time I have watched TV in over a month.  The only reason I even turned the box on was because we finally decided to set up the DVD player in our new place.  The DVD player set up failed, so I opted to watch this intriguing show, instead. 

The point of the apprentice appeals to me for its business sense and the idea that team work is still paramount for success today.  However, what moved me was a scene where a young boy who has a deadly disease was given a check for $20,000 written out to Make a Wish Foundation.  He was excited since he was part of that foundation.  But the big moment came when he revealed his wish was to meet Donald Trump and he was told that he would get that chance.  The smile on that little boy's face was about to crack his face open.  It was awesome to see.

You know that exact moment when we watch things like that, things that make you so happy for the person being blessed?  Right at that exact moment when you know you helped make someone's dream come true?  That right there is what brings tears to my eyes.  Our ability to have the opportunity of making people's dreams come true.  We can do things which will bring us to the point of giving us options to work miracles in others lives.  That really moves me and is what I would love to dedicate my life toward.

Many times, we feel as if we have so many problems that there's no way to be in such a position.  Well, that's just an obstacle in our own mind.  God didn't give us this great body, this powerful mind which can only be controlled by us, just to go to waste.  Just to pay bills and get by.  We have this potential in all of us. 

I ran across this article today about people who have made it to the big time, but started out with NOTHING!  Zero!  Zilch!  Nada!  So if one other person can do it, why not us?  Just one other person has to show that it's possible to take the excuses away from us.  However, there are WAY more than just 1.  There are many, upon many, upon many people who have overcome terrible circumstances to be great and then pour out that love and greatness to others.  It's time to get inspired!

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