Dog the Bounty Hunter

Barnes & Noble is an evil store.  Why?  Because if I didn't exercise my discipline I could spend hours upon hours till the very closing minute in there.  Okay, so the store itself isn't evil, in fact is so very good and awesome.  A book store is different from a library because of the atmosphere.  The intellectual set of loiters who come in here for a latte' or a $30 book just give off a neat vibe.  Oh, and then when you pick up a brand new book, never even having it's binding creased by another hand just makes you jump with giddy-ness.  Ok, maybe not you, but definitely me.  I love books and being in a place where there are so many brand new ones waiting to be explored, is just neat.

My friend and I were visiting in the cafe area when all of a sudden we hear screams and cheering (Another difference from libraries;o).  We look up to the second level and notice a throng of police officers escorting a couple to a table.  It was Dog the Bounty Hunter and his wife Beth.  They were there to do a book signing, so even though I've watched the show only a couple of times I turned into a fan and we went upstairs for some shots.

He was cool, didn't even sit behind the big oak desk.  He stood among everyone and chatted with his fans while his button down shirt was wide open for the purpose of allowing us to glare into his manly and  hairy chest.  Typical "Dog" style, I suppose.  He's got a great story of turning his life around and surely his book would be worth the read.

While watching this pandemonium at a book store over this rockstar author, I couldn't help but think how nuts this all looked.  I was a few feet away from him and all I could think of was, "These are normal folk."
They've just done some neat things and they are telling their story.  The reason we get obsessed over celebritity figures is that we all want that fame in one way or another. 

There are some of you shaking your head right now saying, "Oh no, not me!  I'm happy in my family and that's that."  Then why do you get just a little butterfly in you when someone pats you on the back and praises you for a job well done?  It's because we want to be recognized for our efforts.  We want to know that we are here for a purpose and that we will be appreciated for it.  So, it is our duty to do something!  Be someone!  Be influential.  Only then can we truly change our world.

Cheers to the Dog and Beth on their new book and their great life.  It will be exciting and rewarding to fill those shoes one day.

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