It's a Dog's Life

Here's a photo of my cousin's adorable Olde English Bulldog named Rocky.  I call him Rockstar, because he's all that!  He's so sweet.  He was the runt of the litter and has a painstaking need to be LOVED!  Don't we all? 

As I was sorting through all the mental files I have stored away regarding what to write about I thought of this little guy as he plays with my two dogs (The Alpha Diva Dog Meghan is the one pictured in this photo).  I have two mutts, who are both larger than Rocky is in size.  He wants to fit in so badly, but my dogs are making him earn it.  They aren't very open and friendly with him, yet he tries.  He has no hidden agenda, just wants friendship.

I think of ourselves as humans in that way also.  Really, we just want friendship.  We want to be loved.  We want to feel as if we're a part of something awesome.  But that can be hard.  We may encounter people with personalities like my dogs' who really aren't warm or inviting as soon as you're ready to be.  Maybe we have little in common.  Sometimes we might be the ones rejecting the company of others for fear that we lack any kind of compatibility. 

But as time goes on, and the more Rocky hangs out with my girls, they will become friends.  They will learn to play together and love each other.  After a time they won't remember not liking each other all too much in the beginning.  Here again dogs teach us the lesson.  That's exactly how humans are.  Shy to start a new relationship at first, but after time we all can become friends.  At the end of the day our differences are what unite us.


  1. OMG !!! I posted something just like this about my dog Zen not too long ago!!!

    I whole heartedly agree. Wary at first and as time goes on trust is built.


  2. I heart dogs : Trust in their world is earned, not blindly given. I guess I can relate to that!