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I have a complete love affair with blogging.  Not just blogging mind you, but blogging on Google's Blogger.  It is wonderful and keeps getting better.  New gadgets get added frequently and it really is very simple.  I've tried this blogging thing for almost a year now through various other sites and have found it so fun to be able scriptorily (new word of the day) express thoughts, feelings, and just blahs.

There are so many websites that offer neat ways to change the look of your blog.  Tonight will be the time I shop around for my perfect template.  Oh, and the price?  FREE!  How cool is it that a blog can become a hobby that you won't have to pay for if you don't want to? 

There's the argument between Blogger and Wordpress.  A lot of people who like Wordpress say it's much more customizeable, but with all the tips and tricks available in the blogosphere, you can create anything with Blogger that you can create with Wordpress.  Not to mention Blogger lets you put ads on your site and Wordpress does not. 

Here are some of my favorite sites that teach me tips and tricks of how to enhance and effectively use Blogger:




Here are some sites that now are starting to put out a lot more tips, but also include awesome backgrounds, headers, and other widgets:



And finally, here are three awesome sites which will give you great blogging skills tips, introduce you to multiplicity of other blogs, and are awesome places of which to be a part:




Happy Blogging!

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