Spring is In the Air

Today was glorious.  I entered my car and felt the immediate sensation of heat cover my body head to toe.  Some people grunt at having to step into a hot car soaked with sunshine, but I revel in it.  Oh, how I love warmth.  I love everything about being warm, hot, and in between.  Yes, bring on the sweat and bring on the air conditioning, it makes me feel alive.

When the weather is nice and the sun is shining my mood is totally uplifted.  I feel light and happy and I feel a sense of new beginning.  A lot of people use the start of a new year to get a grip on renewal and hope inside their heads.  I won't deny that each fresh new year is thrilling, but there is something pretty magical about a new season.  Especially a season ushering in the feeling of warmth.  Good bye sweaters and boots, hello sandals and skirts!

As soon as the weather begins to fade away from blue into yellow and orange and red, one event immediately pops into my mind.  My birthday.  I celebrate it every May (even if just in my own head) and I reflect on the year that passed and on the year ahead.  While I may be just over two months away from the next one (the slower the better) I can't help but already get a sense of change and a prospective new outlook on the horizon.

I long to be free and to be still.  To be wild and to have thrills.  All of it.  I have this deep yearning feeling for a sense that has not come in to me as of yet.  For some peculiar reason I feel that this will be a transformational year for all of those things to begin happening.  It will be my golden birthday (turning 29 on the 29th) and my last year in the decade of my twenties.  When did this happen?  How?  Why so quickly?  However, as aging scared me at one point, I now look forward to this era swiftly zooming around the corner.  It's definitely time to do some good.

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