Middle Class America

One of the biggest passions I have in life is becoming free.  Totally free.  Free from worry, free from negativity, free from any kind of bondage.  Will I ever attain to this passionate goal of mine to perfection?  Absolutely not, but that doesn't mean that it is not my God given right to pursue such status in life.  I believe we were sent to earth to learn how to progress and create.  Create the life at which we can marvel and for which we can have an appetite.  It is our mission.

Many of us don't even know how much we are bound by other responsibilities and without even realizing it we give up a lot of the freedoms we have a right to possess.  The worst thing that can happen to a human is that he/she lives life in ignorance.  Some of us think we are doing better than we are, and that is the largest trap of all.

When I found this  article on YAHOO! I knew I had to share it.  Some people consider themselves middle class and are happy with that status.  Are you middle class?  Are you below middle class?  Are you wealthy?  Read the article, think about where you are, and determine where you want to be.

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