Fun and Laughter at the Expense of Others

I found this really interesting product the other day.  It's called PET HEAD and it's made by the BED HEAD brand.  It dyes your pets fur and if you have  a pet that has hair-like fur you can also use it to style.

My poor dog was the victim of this new found item.  See if you can tell where I painted her purple:

She was so cute as she sat there innocently letting me paint her white spots.  I have another dog who is mostly yellow so I couldn't find a place for the purple to stand out except for a tiny white patch on her nose:

It's cute isn't it?  Just something different to look at.  Kinda like it's fun when we see someone trip and fall or get pranked.  Come on, you know you chuckle (assuming they're okay, of course).  The reason I do it is because it gives me permission to be clumsy and to be real. 

Life is fun, good, interesting, and the age old advice of being able to laugh at yourself is still as priceless as ever.


Better than the Leading Brand

Isn't that statement a little contradictory?  If the product advertised was BETTER than the leading brand, wouldn't it be THE leading brand?  I guess there will always be brain teasers in life.

Last night I had a late night craving for something sweet.  I reached for some yummy Reese's Peanut Butter Puffs cereal.  To my dismay there was barely a  serving couple of spoonfuls left.  Before I had enough time to be sad about this tragic incident I noticed we also had another box of peanut butter puff cereal, only it was a store generic brand. 

As I opened the new box and began to pour the contents of it into my bowl already half full of the Reese's cereal I noticed something startling.  It looked EXACTLY the same.  It didn't look like a different version of a similar flavor.  It looked identical to what I had just poured in from the other box.  What do you think the taste was like?  You got it!  Exactly the same as the Reese's cereal.  I could not tell that they were two cereals from two different boxes and two different brands mixed in that bowl.

So I pondered upon the fetish some people have about getting "NAME" brand stuff.  First I thought about how powerful having a brand can be that it makes people pay more for the product just because of the name.  Second I thought of how much we in the USA allow brands to determine our class in life. 

If the choice was identical in price and you could choose a pair of no name jeans or ones with let's say a Louis Vuitton label (assuming branding still held its value), which would you choose?  I would certainly choose the Louis pair.  But of course the price tag for those different jeans varies tremendously, mostly because of the name.  Let's face it when it comes to dungarees they're made of pretty much the same thing.

When I go to the store, I always go for the least expensive food item.  I don't care who makes it.  It has always been my thought that they come from the same plant or factory and then the item just gets a different label put on the container.  Last night when I ate the cereal and saw the evidence with my own eyes it amused me to think about how we put so much clout on branding.  However, when money no longer becomes an issue I will have no problem paying for the brand (especially when it comes to clothes and such).  But as a matter of life or death, I really don't think there's a difference or that it should matter. 

I wonder what the prevelant thinkin gof society is on this subject.  Thoughts?


Carbonation is an Abomination

Okay, maybe the title is a little harsh, but really something needs to be done about the amount of carbonated beverages consumed daily...by me.  Yes, my weak link in my otherwise amazing character!  I love soda.  I love it in all colors, sizes, flavors and brands.  It's delicious and deadly!

Take a look at what Global Healing Center says about the ingredients in the product:


High Fructose Corn Syrup, now used in preference to sugar, is associated with poor development of collagen in growing animals, especially in the context of copper deficiency. All fructose must be metabolized by the liver. Animals on high-fructose diets develop liver problems similar to those of alcoholics.

Aspartame, used in diet sodas, is a potent neurotoxin and endocrine disruptor.

Caffeine stimulates the adrenal gland without providing nourishment. In large amounts, caffeine can lead to adrenal exhaustion, especially in children.

Phosphoric acid, added to give soft drinks "bite," is associated with calcium loss.

Citric acid often contains traces of MSG, a neurotoxin.

Artificial Flavors may also contain traces of MSG.

Water may contain high amounts of fluoride and other contaminants.

Ugh!  Nothing too exciting, is it?  Let's not mention the fact that soda causes an exorbitant amount of weight gain!  Hello, is that not the cream of the crap right there?

Why so fired up about this poor product that seems to have been an innocent bystander until it fell under the house of this post?  Yesterday I was sitting on the porch sipping a grape soda.  Not my favorite in the world, but it does the job.  I was merrily whistling through my evening enjoying a nice Summer night when I flipped the soda can around to the ingredients.  Normally, I see the calorie amount anywhere between  120 and 140.  I was appalled when I saw the calorie amount on this grape soda was 220! 

My head whirled and began calculating.  If I have to shed 3500 calories to loose ONE pound and I'm consuming on average 2 cans of soda per day, what is the net result?  Well, let's just say that the average caloric intake from my soda consumption is at 300 per day.  That equals 2100 calories per week!  So think of the progress if I completely eliminated it from my diet!

Of course that can be easier said than done, just like when it comes to changing ANY kind of habit.  But COME ON!  I didn't even love the grape soda, I was just drinking it, well, just BECAUSE!  It grossed me out to think of the crap entering my precious only body and I really wanted to make a change.  Not only will it help me look better and feel better; this change can help me realize that I'm strong enough to do anything else I put my mind to.  So, little by little, here begins a new journey.  Ain't life grand?


Equal Rights and Chivalry

Here's a post to stir up some thought.  As women wanting equal rights with men in the workforce, does that automatically make us have to give up chivalry? 

My position in life as to whether or not I consider myself a feminist is very much up for debate.  Certainly I feel that a woman in a corporate position should be paid equal to her male counterpart for the same work.  However, at the end of the day I think being an entrepreneur can eliminate that worry since you create your own paycheck.  But that's another story for another post.  I feel that women have just as much talent, potential, and capacity as men do.  So, even though I feel that equality in this sense should certainly be mandatory, I also feel a yearning to feel special as a "lady" and to feel the support of gentlemanly gestures because, I also feel that our strengths are different and that there are many ways to make this world go 'round.

Therefore:  just because I want to be equal in the sight of society when it comes to daily tasks, does that mean I am also giving up the right to have my door held open or help with my coat, etc.?

One couple my husband and I are acquainted with are very successful.  They own their own business and are leaders in their community.  Both husband and wife in the partnership are seen as the head of their organization and they both are equally accountable for mentoring and coaching.  In essence, everything you want to see in the image of equality.   The husband, though, still puts gas in the car for his wife, holds the door open for her when entering cars or buildings, and holds her chair out for her at restaurants.  I've seen this with my very own eyes.

So it got me thinking.  Is it really possible to want to be equal in a business and social manner, but still relish in the endearing qualities of the masculine caretaker?  I'd like to say it's more possible than not, however, I think this couple was the exception and definitely not the rule.  What are your thoughts?


Will Smith Actor, Singer, AND Philosopher?!?

I'm a big fan of positive thinking and such. I really believe we can change the course of our own lives and that the world is the way we perceive it to be. Half full or half empty? It's all up to each one of us. Some times you find quotes or books or people who inspire you in your pursuit of achievement.

The following is a video well worth the watch. Will Smith is an awesome actor, successful not only in career but family as well. I really like how in sync he and his wife Jada Pinkett Smith seem to be. Hey, no body's perfect, but we all have strengths. Some of us choose to work on those strengths, some of us don't. Here's how someone who chooses to work on their strength thinks...


Making Sense of Jane Austen

Last night I watched the movie "Jane Austen Book Club".  It was a great chick flick (although there were intriguing male characters as well).  It really appealed to all my senses including but not limited to:  books, girlfriends, relationships, and of course a happy ending. As the title would suggest it was based around a world immersed in the words of Ms. Jane Austen.

One thing this movie made me want to do was to pick up a Jane Austen novel and finish it.  Yes, I am guilty of not being able to get through her books.  Why?  I don't understand!  I love the movies about  her books, and I think she's totally fascinating.  Just as with many of you, I do consider her one of my heroes.  I totally love Jane Austen, I just can't seem to get through her writing.

This is an absolute tragedy, I know.  But please, don't be appalled at my confession.  I want to turn my life around!  I am absolutely determined to get through her books.  All of them.  I own Pride and Prejudice so I will make that one my first priority.  As soon as I finish my current reading choice (Emma Smith:  Mormon Enigma) my plan is to immerse myself into Jane Austen's creations.  One word at a time.

I would love to know what has stirred some of you into reading her novels.  What is it about Jane Austen that makes so many people tick?  After SO MANY LONG LIFE CHANGING YEARS, why oh why is she as popular as ever?  How can a writer stand that test of time?  She is incredible.  It's undeniable.  I am looking forward to finally clicking with the Jane Austen world!



Change is a good thing.  Some times we have to convince ourselves of that, but most of the time looking back, we're all the better for it.  One client I had is a pastor of a church.  He is probably one of the most charismatic people you could ever meet and his family is incredibly genuine.  He explained to me about a custom they have in their services.

The band starts playing a familiar tune and then the pastor stands up and proclaims that it's time to walk on change!  What a great analogy, I thought.  Walk on it, like you can conquer it!  It was a great symbolic sentence.  However, they do it literally!  When he makes that statement, members of the congregation take out the change from their pockets and they begin to walk on it...literally!  He reassures those who do not have any spare change on them, by explaining that they can reach into a bin in the room full of change.  The coins they collect then become their own.  At that point they have the option to keep it, or throw it down with everyone else.  After the process is complete, he has volunteers going through the aisles scooping up the change.  That money of course is used as a charitable gift which sustains the church ministry.

Isn't that a powerful example of what it means to "own" change?  After all it is inevitable.  Things will move on and move forward.  We can fear it, or we can celebrate it.  We can try skirting the issue or we can WALK on it!  We can certainly be bigger than any obstacle in front of us.  If we don't feel like we have enough in us to change, we can borrow strength from someone else until we have our own. 

It's actually pretty exciting when you think about it!



Religion of all sorts has always fascinated me.  It's incredibly intriguing to watch a person wrapped up in faith.  It's beautiful, really.  The beliefs in and of themselves are so uniquely different and special, but each one of us is the same.  We all have a special yearning for something bigger, something higher.  It's interesting to witness that most of the time we reach up, away from our own selves to find it.  What I think is incredibly powerful is when we find what we are reaching for deeply within ourselves.

We are creatures of habit and comfort.  Finding a ritual which keeps us grounded is the basis of our peace.  One thing I believe that all religious leaders try teaching is that the peace we seek is inside.  Our guidance is what gives us the beliefs in the first place, and it can take us all the way home.

As I grow older my beliefs and faith mold into the things I see, learn, and come to understand.  One thing I feel completely certain of (for now anyway:o) is the common denominator in all I reach for is LOVE.  Not just giddy I-love-my-new-outfit kind of love, but deep, real, unending love that can take you through many dimensions if you let it.  That's who God is to me.  He is love.  His veins pump love throughout his divinity and it reaches to each one of us, because after all we're not separate beings.  We're all connected.


Falling Off the Wagon

Hello, my name is Eneida and I'm a vegetarian.  It has been 1 day since I've been clean.

Okay, so the story goes like this:  About six or seven months ago I watched one too many PETA videos and became increasingly sad at the way animals are treated and slaughtered all for the purpose of ending up between two pieces of bread for me to eat.  It didn't feel right and I decided, rather rashly, that I was going to live the vegetarian life once and for all.  My quest lasted for about two WHOLE weeks. 

Really, I can't pin point exactly when or where I decided to nibble on animal flesh again, but alas, I did.  I became a full fledged carnivore once again and went on with my life.  A few months later I was on the PETA website again and I came across the videos portraying farm animals and their living conditions.  Of course I saw the abuse and neglect and that feeling of sadness came back.  Again, I vowed to be a vegetarian. 

My goal was to begin my vegetarian path so that it would lead me to become a vegan soon.  Well, it's been over four months since then and I have eaten meat "3" times since.  So, no, I'm not perfect, I still fall.  However, it's a path I'm happy to be learning. 

Yesterday as we were helping some family with a GINORMOUS organization project, I realized it was nearing 2:00 PM and I had not had a morsel of food.  It was hot.  I was tired.  I was hungry.  Then, I smelled it.  The roasting of hot dogs in a pan.   Oh, the smell can actually be good when you haven't eaten, yet (hence another reason why breakfast is the most important part of your day).  So, as a break in between our tedious task hot dogs were served. 

My husband pointed out that I wouldn't be eating them so I was offered a peanut butter and jelly sandwich instead.  Let me just tell you...I ABHOR peanut butter and jelly.  I actually love peanut butter, but jelly is just gross.  Maybe it's too sticky or too sweet or a combo of both, but I cannot stand it.  So I interjected by stating, "I'll eat a hot dog."  After the bewildered look on my hubby's face faded I proceeded to load my piece of bread with mustard and a dog.  I ate not one, but T-W-O of those suckers.  They tasted all right.  Definitely not great.  Not worth breaking my oath, that's for sure!

I felt badly afterwards.  Was I really that weak?  But, I've decided to forgive myself and keep moving forward.  If anything eating those hot dogs made me realize that I don't really miss the meat.  Not when there are so many more options.  So, I'm again in recovery from carnivore-ism, may the journey continue...



One thing that lays on every writer's heart is to eventually actually write a book.  Many a people call themselves writers, yet feel the task of book writing to be incredibly daunting.  Well, I'm here to tell you that writing a book is no big deal.  That's "write" (wink wink) it's easy!  I can confidently say that because I, my friends, have written my first novel.

Here's the catch.  Writing a novel is easy, revising and editing is the challenge.  How do you get through the initial task of putting your story down on paper?  The most important item you would need is accountability.  You read that right.  It's not a good plot, not a computer, not even research or ideas.  Although each of those are important and can make your process much smoother.  You need someone, something, some place that will keep you going even when you don't feel like it.  Once you get your story down on paper, the editing can begin. 

I wrote my first novel thanks mainly to accountability.  Who was I accountable to?  Well, not really a person, per se, but an event.  Every November it officially becomes NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month).  It's an even where you as a writer log in and create a novel, from scratch, between the days of November 1st through November 30th.  You can friend people, sort of like you can on facebook or twitter, and you can see their progress and compare it to where you're supposed to be.

This was an amazing tool in finishing my novel because I always wanted to keep pace with everyone.  Since I'm competitive it was nice to have a benchmark to work against.  I am the type of person who figures that if one person can do it, then so can I.  My dream of writing can only begin if I put pen to paper. 

So, even though we're a few months away from NaNoWriMo, start getting in gear for it.  The challenge is incredible and the rush is amazing.  Then, once you're done, once you have your entire story on paper without worrying about editing it until every word spits out of you, then you can begin to revise and start planning on what you'll wear to your first book signing.  Hmmm, what will I wear???


Day Dreaming

Currently, I am re-reading an excellent book.  This one falls within my top 10 of all time favorite books.  The title is:  "The Answer" by John Assaraf & Murray Smith.  I originally read it in a blur, trying to suck in all the good stuff and get on to my next read.  This time around I picked it up on a intuitive hunch and have breezed through the first 60 pages with much more amazing insight.
One part of the book talks about imagination.  There was a study done which discovered that by age 35 most people will loose a majority of function in the "imagination" side of their brain.  Why?  Well, what are you told to do as a child when you're caught looking out a window and not focusing?  Yep, you got it.  You get the good old, "Get your head out of the clouds" speech.  So we get programmed from a very young age to let go of our dreams and focus on what the world perceives as reality.  HOW TRAGIC!  Especially since we create our lives based on the things we imagine!
In business, it's true that I prefered working with younger people.  I know, I know, that can be viewed as discrimination, but in a sales industry you want to work with people who are hungry and motivated.  People who have lived through life a little longer have had the shine wiped clean out of their eyes.  They tend to stop hoping for great things and find it easier to settle for smaller feats.  Before you know it, if we follow these paths we can end up not caring about much other than getting to the weekend.

My hope is to inspire myself and others to constantly use the imaginations within.  There is a lot to create and the ability is ours, but nothing will happen if we first don't clearly visualize what we want.  What are some of the things you daydream about?


Creating a Mission Statement

Having a personal mission statement has been on my list of things to do since for-eva ago! I have always thought the concept of such a thing was valuable, since having direction and purpose always yields much more lasting and meaningful results. I have come up with several demos and have thought them to be pretty good, however, never truly felt connected to any of them.

I once heard the quote: "A leader makes decisions quickly but changes her mind slowly." This statement impacted me in regards to developing my mission statement. I figure it is better to begin somewhere with one and then as I progress through my life I can evaluate how it is performing for me.

What does a personal mission statement have to include in order to serve its purpose effectively? Well, the deepest requirment I feel is the ability to make you think about the moves you make in life. If you have a meaningful mission statement for your own life you will always be able to move from where you are to where you want to go because of the phrased you coined to lead your life.

Also, I think it is perfectly okay to borrow another mission statement. If you hear a statement that rings very true for you then go ahead and use it as your own. The purpose is that now you have a MISSION! That you are not just a casualty walking aimlessly through this precious gift of life, but you have direction and purpose.

Finally, a mission statement shouldn't be more than one or two sentences in length. If you walk into some businesses you would see some of them with opposite thinking.   You'll see some mission statements that are paragraph lengths long and very tediously padded with huge words. What happens after you read (if you are even motivated enough to read them) a lengthy statement promising profits to the company and satisfaction to blah blah blah?  You never remember them, and you need to make sure the same mistake doesn't happen with your statement.  Mission statements need to motivate you toward them, not bore you by sentence number forty four.

So what is my mission statement? Drum roll please....

"To inspire people to move in the direction of their dreams by constantly moving in the direction of my dreams."

Is it a perfect final draft? Most likely not. However, instead of just continuously aiming for who knows what, now I can begin in a solid direction. I want to inspire people to lead fulfilling lives and help them to feel free and to love life. The best way I know to do that is by being an example of doing just that for myself. Have you created a mission statement for your life? Put one together today and live by it, remember you can always reevaluate and change it later, the important thing is to take action now.