Religion of all sorts has always fascinated me.  It's incredibly intriguing to watch a person wrapped up in faith.  It's beautiful, really.  The beliefs in and of themselves are so uniquely different and special, but each one of us is the same.  We all have a special yearning for something bigger, something higher.  It's interesting to witness that most of the time we reach up, away from our own selves to find it.  What I think is incredibly powerful is when we find what we are reaching for deeply within ourselves.

We are creatures of habit and comfort.  Finding a ritual which keeps us grounded is the basis of our peace.  One thing I believe that all religious leaders try teaching is that the peace we seek is inside.  Our guidance is what gives us the beliefs in the first place, and it can take us all the way home.

As I grow older my beliefs and faith mold into the things I see, learn, and come to understand.  One thing I feel completely certain of (for now anyway:o) is the common denominator in all I reach for is LOVE.  Not just giddy I-love-my-new-outfit kind of love, but deep, real, unending love that can take you through many dimensions if you let it.  That's who God is to me.  He is love.  His veins pump love throughout his divinity and it reaches to each one of us, because after all we're not separate beings.  We're all connected.

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  1. Very nice. We are all connected. I really think so.