Day Dreaming

Currently, I am re-reading an excellent book.  This one falls within my top 10 of all time favorite books.  The title is:  "The Answer" by John Assaraf & Murray Smith.  I originally read it in a blur, trying to suck in all the good stuff and get on to my next read.  This time around I picked it up on a intuitive hunch and have breezed through the first 60 pages with much more amazing insight.
One part of the book talks about imagination.  There was a study done which discovered that by age 35 most people will loose a majority of function in the "imagination" side of their brain.  Why?  Well, what are you told to do as a child when you're caught looking out a window and not focusing?  Yep, you got it.  You get the good old, "Get your head out of the clouds" speech.  So we get programmed from a very young age to let go of our dreams and focus on what the world perceives as reality.  HOW TRAGIC!  Especially since we create our lives based on the things we imagine!
In business, it's true that I prefered working with younger people.  I know, I know, that can be viewed as discrimination, but in a sales industry you want to work with people who are hungry and motivated.  People who have lived through life a little longer have had the shine wiped clean out of their eyes.  They tend to stop hoping for great things and find it easier to settle for smaller feats.  Before you know it, if we follow these paths we can end up not caring about much other than getting to the weekend.

My hope is to inspire myself and others to constantly use the imaginations within.  There is a lot to create and the ability is ours, but nothing will happen if we first don't clearly visualize what we want.  What are some of the things you daydream about?


  1. I really like this. Very thought provoking. I daydream a little. Like about how it would be to live in a condo in downtown Salt Lake. One of my favorite places to be.

  2. Oooh, that would be neat. SL is such a clean place, which makes the city life even more appealing!