Fun and Laughter at the Expense of Others

I found this really interesting product the other day.  It's called PET HEAD and it's made by the BED HEAD brand.  It dyes your pets fur and if you have  a pet that has hair-like fur you can also use it to style.

My poor dog was the victim of this new found item.  See if you can tell where I painted her purple:

She was so cute as she sat there innocently letting me paint her white spots.  I have another dog who is mostly yellow so I couldn't find a place for the purple to stand out except for a tiny white patch on her nose:

It's cute isn't it?  Just something different to look at.  Kinda like it's fun when we see someone trip and fall or get pranked.  Come on, you know you chuckle (assuming they're okay, of course).  The reason I do it is because it gives me permission to be clumsy and to be real. 

Life is fun, good, interesting, and the age old advice of being able to laugh at yourself is still as priceless as ever.


  1. haha that is surprisingly really cute!

  2. Hi,

    Thanks for your comment on Ruby Tuesday. I love the idea of customizing the look of your dog. I love his t-shirt as well LOL. I did this with my 2 little girls. I had so much much dressing them up and doing their hair especially at Halloween. They are 20 and 22 now. But I still have the pictures. Thanks for sharing.


  3. Hi!

    Haven't stopped by in a little while...running two blogs now so still trying to find balance but, I'm getting there. :-) Have to baby the one still (and perfect it...it's less than 2 months old!) and keep up with other. Anyway, first things first your blog is looking different and good!

    I've seen this stuff at PetSmart! How long did it last?

    I did something similar with my dog. I have a post on it called TigerBelle (here's the link: http://www.thegiftdetective.com/blog/archives/2552) I think the pic of her will make you laugh. My only warning? It lasts a loooong time! Like seven months. It faded each and every time she got a bath but still...SEVEN months of "Is her hair naturally that color?" :-) It was worth it though and...since she LOVED all the attention, I learned how to do a much less permanent (like a week of color) dye job. Chalk! Non-toxic sidewalk chalk. I dyed her ear pink this way and it was awfully cute, she got the little bit of extra attention she craves and it washed out but never rubbed off on clothing or furniture. And it only took about 30 seconds to do. Hmmm, think I'm going to have to update the TigerBelle post!

    Hope you have a terrific Fourth of July!!!
    ~ Alyna

  4. Beautiful dog! And very cute idea. :)

  5. When you told me about this I was trying to imagine what Baily would look like and I must say I got a good laugh. I miss you guys and pups too!