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Oh, I almost didn't want to write another post just because my dream house post would then keep moving to the bottom of the pile.  I think I will randomly put pictures of the house throughout future posts, and unless you've read about it you might scratch your head and be all, "What's a picutre of a house doing in a post about a dog park?"  It can be our inside joke for future reading!;o) 

However, my fingers were itchingly longing to write about more!  So, I took a look over yonder on the 'Goals for 2010' link and realized it's about to be MAY and I only have one of those suckers crossed off.  Being Vegeterian now doesn't even seem fair to me to have considered a goal.  I thought it would be a difficult task and it would take a lot of work.  Nah, I'm actually very liberated by it, and don't miss the meat in my diet at all.  It kinda grosses me out, actually.  So now I am expecting that pursuing the rest of the goals on that list will be as delightsome.

I noticed that I so boldly decided to make it a goal to go on 4, yes FOUR trips this year.  Since I moved to NJ, I cannot really consider that a "trip", however I decided to consider my visit to NYC as a trip.  After all, I did the whole "trip-py" thing.  Went to a local restaurant, comedy show, took pictures and almost bought an I HEART NY T-Shirt.  So, by my standards, it qualifies.  However, I need to fill my slots with three more.  This year, they will all be in the US of A.  Here are some ideas:

San Diego, CA (then I can go drive by MY house & check it out also:o)
Las Vegas, NV
Oklahoma City, OK
Orlando, FL
Chicago, IL
Pittsburgh, PA
Atlantic City, NJ
Los Angeles, CA
Moab, UT

These have to be TRIPS, though.  Not drive throughs or anything.  Spending at least a weekend doing the stuff people do on trips.  Sightseeing, eating at local joints, mingling with locals, etc.  San Diego is definitely a destination that will be happening, now the only thing to figure out is when and where the last two places will be?

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