Burger King

People seem to think that being a vegeterian means no more fast food.  One day I aspire to be so valiant in my effort of healthy cuisine.  However, in today's day and age, I still frequent fast food places.  What do I order?  You know, fries, baked potatos, side salads, oh yes and of course Coca Cola (Pepsi only when there's no Coke options).  I'm terrible, I know.

Yesterday, my husband and I dabbled our way into a Burger King to order a late night meal on our way home from a long day at the office.  To my astounding surprise I noticed an item on the Burger King Menu that out of sheer curiosity I had to order.  They have a FREAKING VEGGIE BURGER on their menu!  No joke!  So I ordered it and hubby got his Whopper thingy and we went over to the register to pay.

A manager-like-dude stepped up to the worker behind the counter who had just made our food and asked his employee, "Did someone just order a Veggie Burger?"  Disgust oozing out of his tone.  The employee simply nods his head while offering an 'understanding' smile to which the manager then responds by shaking his head in absolute disapproval and saying, "Yuck."  I could hear it in his voice, what his young brain was processing was, "What has this world come to?"


  1. How did it taste? You have to admit that this is somewhat of an oxymoron(?) But it is good to see these fast food places trying to be healthy.

  2. Alas we have no Burger Kings near us to try out...and gross out the employees!