MY Dream Home

Ladies & Gents, allow me to introduce you.   This ^ is my dream home.  As far as I'm concerned it is already mine.  I know where it is (about 30 miles from San Diego), address and all.  It was built brand new in 2008 and was on the market for just under $6 Million.  I am not going to build a house like it, or gather some ideas about what I like about this one and build it into another house, nor am I going to build an exact replica of this house somewhere else (i.e. cheaper).  This is my very house.

If it was purchased by someone else, they are just occupying it in the meantime.  In the next several years I will be the one to answer the door to this place when you ring the bell (after you get past the security guard, of course:o)

Originally, I had cut this picture out of a dream home magazine when I saw it, because I LOVED everything about this picture.  E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G.  Even the lone palm tree standing watch right outside my front door.  It's beautiful.  I used to look at the picture often, and in the process of several moves I stashed it away in some binder.  Until...

A few nights ago I dreamed about this house.  I dreamed a dream where I was in it interacting with family.  When I awoke, I didn't have the sensation of "OH, I wish that hadn't been a dream, it was sooo nice," rather I had the sensation of, "Wow, I can't wait to move in there!"  And I tore apart my (already torn apart) closets to find where I had laid this photo.  BAM!  I found it.  Now it's on my desktop, my cell phone wall paper, and a binder.  This is my house, I'm looking forward to moving in.


  1. That is so pretty. Good luck. When you move in can I come and visit?

  2. Congrats on finding your house. I hope you throw a big party when you move in.