File an Extension

That's it!  I'm not doing ANYONE's taxes ANYMORE!    I really am not the biggest fan of doing my taxes (Did I just strike a chord in uniqueness here?  Prolly not...)  I actually finished my federal taxes by February, but then, digressed and didn't finish my state taxes until April 14th.  A day before the deadline.  I'd say that's progress nonetheless.

Over the last couple of years I've been helping out my in-laws file theirs.  Now, I'm no tax expert, but theirs are really easy.  Same job, residence, etc. for years with nothing much to claim.  So, I agreed to help them out.  While I was filing in February I worked on their return and before I hit the "efile" button, my father-in-law said to hold off. 

Well, April 15th rolls around and we give him a call.  For tax purposes?  No, it's actually his BIRTHDAY!  Can you believe it?  At least he never forgets the deadline.  He was under the impression that we had already filed the taxes and realized that it hadn't been done, so he began to panic.  I'm not talking just a little worried and maybe fussing so that it can get done in time, I'm talking FULL BLOWN snapping-at-me-without-realizing-it panic.  It was all the way to 8:00 in the A - M and he was freaking out!  My husband talked him through most of the day as I found some time to whip them out on the computer for him to submit.

The day wasn't over, yet.  He owed money so he wanted to send out the money order in order to avoid penalties and interest.  He left work early and rushed to a store for the money orders so he can drop them off in the mail before 5:00 PM when the post office closes.  He didn't believe us when we told him that he can drop it off all the way until midnight (even though we called and confirmed it).  He was so nervous trying to fill out the money order information, but after marking up a few scribbles he put them in their envelopes and rushed over.  When he got there, he noticed a big sign right in front

"Mail deposited before Midnight tonight April 15, 2010 will be retrieved and postmarked for today's date"

Then, and only then did he take a deep breath.   Ahhh, after an entire day of drama, he finally settled at home for a bbq with the fam to celebrate his big birthday.   My husband's reaction to the day's events : "He's getting old, we have to be more patient..."  Poor old guy, hopefully the e-file gets accepted, or else I'm not the one bearing the news!


  1. In the UK we only have to file a tax return if we are self-employed. Guess what? I'm self-employed. I'm currently having a nightmare finding all the right paperwork...

  2. Taxes ick.. But ofcourse I got a return on both so mine were done super early.

  3. Thank goodness for that huge sign! I'm glad he was able to settle down and enjoy his birthday.

  4. @RACHEL Oh wow! Nice for the non self employed people but yes, we self-employeds have to "earn" our write offs, don't we? LOL

    @HEIDI Getting them done early is so smart...one day I hope I can catch up:o)

    @A SLICE OF MY LIFE Yes, he did get to enjoy, can you imagine sharing your birthday with such a dreaded day? :o)