Kids Say the Darndest Things...

Recently I was wrestling with my testosteronely nephew Max.  I put him in a full nelson thingy and everytime I tried to hold him tightly, he wiggled his little behind right from under my grasp.  We were having fun.  Then, he went to wrestle with my husband  (three time state champion in wrestling) who actually knew some legit moves.  This kid was hillarious!  Now, the little tough guy was crying for mercy!  Too funny.

After the Max got released from the grasps of death he stood up and went to his room, seemingly to move on to another activity.  Right before he goes in to his room he looks at me and wiggles his finger towards his direction.

Max:  Aunt Eneida, can you come here?

I got up and moved toward him.

Me:  What's up?

Max:  Can you wrestle with me?  I know I can beat you...

Ohhh, kiddos.  Hey, at least they tell it like it is!

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  1. Oh, I love it! It's right up there with, 'hide under the blanket so I'll know where to find you!' during a game of hide and seek!