I am that lady.  Yes, the one who opens her window and throws bread out on her window sill to watch the birds come over and graze upon the bounty.  Am I really that big of a bird lover?  Well, let's just say that I just love ALL animals and make no exception.  So, what kind of birds come to my window?  Since I'm on the east coast, about 10 miles away from New York City, I get the infamous PIGEONS!  Yes, the cockroach of the sky.  Dirty ghetto pigeons that don't fly away if you get too close, since they're used to and comfortable with humans.  To me, they aren't any lower class than a robin or a blue jay.  I think they're cute little chubby creatures and they make interesting noises:o).

It's funny how animals stay perceptive to the history of their locations.  I usually see at least three or four of the suckers perched against my window daily and we've had as many as a dozen birds at a time during the feeding frenzy.  It's funny to watch.  Some of them are lazy little things that don't walk over to the pieces of bread  unless you throw a piece right in front of them.  Even my pigeons are SPOILED!

So, recently, as my husband and I were napping during the days of the East Coast Heat Wave we heard the pigeons perform their unusual cooing just outside our window.  This was a sound we have gotten used to (like the sirens and loud car radios) so we really didn't think much about it, until it started getting louder than usual.  We opened our eyes at the exact same time and looked over to our bedroom window and saw two pigeons sitting on our opened window pane facing INSIDE of our house.  YES!  They were coming INTO our home!  My dogs were going crazy!

I about rolled over three times laughing so hard as my husband skipped straight up and shooed them back out and closed the window.  Silly pigeons, the outside of our window is all yours, but the inside of our house is for the dogs!


  1. This was too funny!! Luckily you got them out right away before the dogs starting chasing them around the house! heheh

    “Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest"


  2. That would have been a sight to see!!