Self Inflicted Injury

I am a self certified KLUTZ!  I can trip and bang my head like no one else.  In fact, I hit my head on everything on a regular basis.  Examples are:  getting out of the car, opening a door, picking something up from under the table.  You name it.  I hit my head on so many things and so many times my husband no longer offers any sympathy.  Each bang is followed by me rubbing my head and proclaiming the ever clever phrase of "OWWW" while my husband is smirking and shaking his head and rolling his eyes.  It's just a normal ocurrence around here.

One day as I was coming UP the stairs I somehow miscalculated the size of the step and tripped, causing my body to "fall" upward.  My uncoordinated hands flailed with mighty effort to no avail.  My left arm now has a new scar where I scraped a nice chunk of skin off in the motion.

Yesterday, feeling a little "un"-symmetrical I decided to now fall DOWN the stairs and I banged my right hand pretty well.  No worries, though, because now I have a matching scar on that arm.  Yes, these are my battle wounds.

Being clumsy is no longer embarrassing for me.  I fall, trip, or whatever and it hurts for a second and then I laugh.  I laugh because I'm not perfect, I have the scars to prove it, and each scar reminds me of all of that.  My life is a kaleidescope of experiences and each one has it's place.  Some are just more bodily visible than others, that's all.


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. It is good to "meet" you. Thanks for your sweet comments.
    I am sorry you have this "problem". I have fallen up the steps a few times myself.

  2. I bump into things. Big things. It's unbelievable how I can walk into the wall as I'm turning the corner or trip over the box I saw from 100 steps away then 54 steps then 5 steps away.

    We're just special. No, wait. Talented. Yeah that's better. I bet your husband thinks he's special because he can smirk and shake his head as he's rolling his eyes. Nope. Not impressed.

    It takes real talent to trip UP the stairs and to bump into corners.lol.

    Thanks for the visit.

  3. @Karen: Glad to hear I'm not the only one ;oP

    @Adrienne: Love how you said you see these things from miles away...after a bump of that sorts, it makes you feel even sillier...ahhh life:o)