Wasting Time

You know how people say, "If it's a cliche' it's because it's a truth"?  Well, sometimes that makes sense, like:  'People don't plan to fail they just fail to plan'...true and it's definitely cliche'.  But how about this one:  Wasting Time...ugh.  I don't like that one, even if it may be true.

I was thinking about a time when I was in a store just browsing at the merchandise.  I really had no intention to buy anything so I was just roaming around from one aisle to the next.  I remember the sales lady coming up to me and I got all tense (the way we do when people charge at us trying to sell us something) and as she approached me in her sing song voice she offered the ever dreaded, "Can I help you find anything?"  To which I simply replied, "No thanks, I'm just wasting time."  Guess what she did when I said that?  Nothing.  She smiled, nodded and moved right along, as if she understood.

Is it really so acceptable for us in this society to feel like we should be able to simply WASTE time?  Now, I know that time in and of itself is a pretty vague concept, but really, waste??  Think of what you consider to be waste?  Garbage.  Refuse.  Scraps.  Leftovers nobody else wanted.  Do we really want to do that with our time?

Whether it's a cliche' or not, I'd rather invest my time.  Invest it in a way that each action from here on out will yield me awesome things in the future.  Maybe even spend time a couple of moments, spend it doing something that will build me a memory.  But please, pretty please with a cherry on top, no more WASTING!


  1. I think I waste a lot of time!! I'm hoping to do better in the coming month. I've been thinking alot about this lately actually. Very timely post! Have a great Friday, Candace

    btw...the cowboy did get the horse to smile on command. It was a pretty cool moment! :0)

  2. Yeah, much better to invest time than to waste it. Very good point!

    thank you for your concern for my 'little' Lionel. I think you're right, that he's enjoying a cooler coat these days. :-)

  3. I have to admit I find myself wasting time when I actually have things to do (with three girls their is always something to do ). I lately find myself making excuses for it.What bothers me the most I actually plan to do things and have a head full of brillant ideas. What happens NOTHING so on that note I'm changing my time wasting ways right now.... ok after I read the other blogs :)