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Can you name another weight loss company?  In America alone the weight control industry reaches well over $30 billion per year!  That's a lot of moola spent on getting slim, or at least the thought of getting slim.  What do you hear about most of these programs, pills, and diets from users?  That they didn't work.

The reason they didn't work isn't because the programs are flawed.  Quite the contrary.  These programs usually encourage eating the right foods, in accurate proportions, and exercising.  So all the info and advice is right on the money.  So why then don't these results typically scream success for ever single participant?  Motivation, or lack thereof.

When you are ready to loose weight, really ready, you will.  There comes a point in life when you look at yourself, go 'ugh' and then are committed to that workout or the smaller portions.  About a year and a half ago I had that 'ugh' moment in my life and went from 161 lbs down to 137 lbs.  My initial goal was to go all the way down to 125 (the weight I had been most of my life until those few years).  

How did I loose 24 lbs?  I counted my calories and exercised at least 5 days per week.  Sure I used a tool that helped me along.  I highly recommend it, at CalorieCount.  It is a FREE (zero, zip, nada, zilch, NO CHARGE) online program where you enter your daily food intake and activity level.  You can even enter SLEEP ('cause you do burn them there calories while you snooze:o)!  Put in your current weight, your goal weight and goal date.  If it's unrealistic the program helps you define a more doable goal.  

Check it out and see for yourself.  But you have to be ready for it.  All the external stuff will do you a zip of good if you are not in a mental position to make a change.  Don't beat yourself up if you're not, just love yourself and grow mentally.  Become positive in your outlook and little by little as you gain the ability to see the good stuff in life, you'll have the ability to keep motivation for a long term goal. 

I'm in another 'ugh' moment after seeing my scale tip past the 145 mark.  The goal?  You got it...125lbs, the goal date?  October 3rd.  Check out the site and let me know if you are going for a goal or any tips you have in the healthiness/weightloss/exercise department.  This is gonna be a great ride!


  1. This is a really great post. Thanks. And thanks for the tip on this web site. I am going to check it out. Usually you are inspiring me to try to do better financially. I had my "ugh" moment 18 months ago. So far 40 pounds have come off but I am even more motivated right now. So I am going to take your 20 pound challenge for October 3rd. Having another person in the process will help keep my competitive spirits pushing me along. Now I can resist the temptation I have had all morning to go get some pizza (with meat on it :) ) for lunch. My wallet and waistline thank you.

  2. WOW I just received my pedometer in the mail and started my healthy eating i'm so ready to loose my close to 50lbs of baby weight yes 50 im losing a small child I'm not in a rush i know it will take about 9 months but i'm ready and committed yaaay to a healthier me

  3. Sounds great. You are right. You have to really want to. Good luck with everything.

  4. That's a good post. I always hover within 10 pounds of my 'right' weight - usually about 7 pounds over. And I always tell myself, 'ah, it's only 7 pounds. I can take it off anytime.' But it's amazing how those last 7 pounds are not going anywhere without WORK and self-control. :-( And when I think about it, I ask myself if I am sure it's worth giving up that Ritter dark chocolate with hazelnut bar. :-) I guess I need to go back to calorie counting. That's the way I used to do it - I guess I just got LAZY! Thanks for the reminder. :-)

  5. I can't wait to see how it goes for you! 24 lbs. is amazing!! I'm committed to getting back on track after the baby comes.

    Lots of luck and thanks for the suggestion on the website!

  6. Calorie count is a great program! I used it a few years ago successfully to drop quite a bit of weight. I need to do that again along with dragging my bike out and riding it.

    Thanks for the reminder!

  7. It all boils down to eating right and exercising :) Your newest follower, bc I know you can do it! Looking forward to seeing a goal well-attained :)

  8. I actually ate a hamburger today, from one of those stands outside the supermarket. ICK!!! I hadn't had a hamburger in ages. Now I remember why. I'm thinking of going to the calorie counter and getting rid of the extra baggage.

    BTW, there are still peas to pick, and beans start next week! :-)

  9. YOU ARE RIGHT. When you are ready to lose the weight, it WILL happen. You can subscribe to the quick fix diets, you can give them your money or you can do it on your own. You just have to be ready to lose the weight. Thanks for the link to that website I will check it out! :)