I Want to Ride my Bicycle

You know that two wheeled device you probably have sitting in your garage that's stacked behind a bunch of boxes and other random things?  Yeah, yeah...that bike?  Well, I pulled mine out last week and totally emerged myself into riding it throughout the weekend.  Yesterday in the evening instead of desert I hopped on and went on a seven mile ride. Today I rode it to run errands.  I'm sweaty, hot, out of breath getting into shape, and loving it!

The last time I rode my bicycle frequently I was an early teenager.  I've dabbled with riding it here and there a time or two in those last 15 plus years but never again since my voracious riding days have I fully used the machine for what it is good for. 

When I decided to test the ol' bike out again, I was surprised at how much fun it is to go places around town while riding instead of driving a car.  There is so much you see that you don't notice when you're behind a steering wheel caged in a bubble with cold air blowing in your face.  Sure, I wouldn't turn away an invention that made me feel cool while sweating bullets, but there's nothing quite like being outdoors, breeze in your face and knowing your heart is thanking you.

My dogs usually are privileged to a 45-50 minute walk.  Now, they are lucky to RUN around 6 or 7 blocks as my warm-up.  They are way more tired and puckered out after the run than I would hope them to be after a leisurely stroll.  So there are many many benefits to my new found...err??? hobby?  or whatever you can call it.  Not to mention I've dropped two pounds just this weekend!  Woohoo!  Here's to our bikes!


  1. I bought an expensive bike 3 days before I discovered I needed knee surgery. I road it twice. I had a two inch lobular cyst removed from around my kneecap and my knee has never been the same and I've never been back on that damn bike. I'm still bitter.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting.


  2. I totally need a new bike. I loved riding when I was younger, but fell out of it as adulthood took hold. Now that my boys are getting older, I think it's time to bust out the two-wheel ride and get my bike on again.

    BTW...When I first saw the title of your post, the old Queen song hopped into my head. I want to ride my bicycle. I want to ride my bike. I want to ride my bicycle. I want to ride it where I like....Great. That'll be there all night! ~Jessi

  3. Good for you. Keep up the good work.

  4. As a kid I used to totally love riding my bike! It was such a feeling of freedom...

  5. Good for you!!! I have two barely used bikes on my back porch that I really need to use. Maybe I will dig mine out someday and ride it. I really should. I rode my bike everywhere as a child. Keep going, girl! You are doing great!


  6. Instead of dogs, I wonder if this could work with small children that refuse to go to bed or maybe teenagers that stay up till 2:00am LOL. Biking is a great exercise. I read that there is a gym in France that attaches a special type of exercise bike to the bottom of the pool. How cool is that!