Who Am I?

It has been awesome to experience life to the extent I've been privileged.  However, I am alway more eager for the next step, therefore always striving for the best life available.

I grew up on the east coast in NJ, with a few year gap in the beautiful country of Slovakia.  My youth revolved around diversity and acceptance.  There was so much difference around me that it would be hard to imagine a world of right and wrong or black and white.  It was much more intertwined than that!

College took me to the gorgeous midwest state of UT where I attended Brigham Young University.  I majored in Recreation Management with the ideal of pursuing a fun major.  Hey, I was going to have to study anyway, right?  Might as well have fun doing it, and fun I had!  Even in the #1 Stone Cold Sober school in the nation at that time. 

Since then I've lived in Colorado also, as I've been in pursuit of Business Ownership in the financial services arena.  Being a business owner has taught me so much in the areas of money, discipline, and personal development.  My dream is to share that knowledge with people ready to learn and grow.  My mission is to pursue my dreams and aspire to inspire others by doing so.

I'm married to a wonderful, funny, and determined man and we have two beautiful girls (dogs:o) who are my favorite part of every day.  Writing is a passion I've carried with me for years and look forward to developing the skill each day.  Fun?  Movies, books, volleyball, blogging, board games, and magazines.  My favorite color is pink and I looooove hot sauce on ANYTHING I eat! 

Thanks for coming on this journey with me, I also look forward to learning about you!


1.  Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles
2.  The Host by Stephenie Meyer
3. The Haunted BookShop by Larry Smurther
4. Are You There Vodka, it's Me Chelsea? by Chelsea Handler
5. Believing Christ by Stephen E. Robinson
6. The Answer by John Assaraf & Murray Smith
7.  Emma Smith:  Mormon Enigma by Linda King Newell & Valeen Tippets Avery
8.  A Good Woman by Danielle Steele
9.  True Believer by Nicholas Sparks
10.  The Shack by Wm. Paul Young
11. Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
12.  The Greatest Salesman in the Word by Og Mandino
13. Committe by Elizabeth Gilbert
14. The F&*#^ Up by Arthur Nersesian
15. On Thin Ice by Lynn Erickson
16. Dynamic Laws of Prosperity by Catherine Ponder
17. The Tenth Hour by Jodi Piccoult
18. Regional Singles Mormon Halloween Dance by Elna Baker

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  1. I had to laugh at the stone cold sober school. My hubby graduated from Liberty University in VA...and he may argue with you...and then again, I know a few people who went to Bob Jones U. who would say the same thing. :) Me? I went to University of MD (as an adult, mind you) so even though many around me may not have always been sober, I was. :) LOL