Goals for 2010

1.   Do a split

2.   Become Vegetarian

3.   Read 50 Books

4.   Get an article published in a Magazine

5.   Find a Literary Agent to represent my work

6.   Read 3 Jane Austen Novels - Completely!

7.   Increase my Net Worth by $40,000

8.   Go on 4 trips

9.   Give a random family $100 at a checkout

10. Get Lasik

1 comment:

  1. Cross off "Get Lasik" next! I had PRK done (very similar to LASIK but safer for me because of the steepness of my corneas) and I love, love, love being able to see. It has almost been a year and it is an incredible gift to have the sort of freedom clear, unhindered vision offers. Make sure to go to a really good doctor!

    ~ Alyna
    The Gift Detective