Real Fun

Here's a challenge that I found on The Sue and Steve Show:

How to play the Prosperity game:

You simply pretend that everyday you’ll receive a new sum of money. On day 1 you’ll receive $1,000; day 2, $2000; day 3, $3,000, and so on. Your job is spend all of the money delightfully every day. No roll overs. No savings. Spend every dime/ penny that day. Try it out for yourself. It’s wonderful. I love trying to figure out how to spend amounts like this. GO BIG!

Who's going to play with me?


  1. Sounds fun. Wish we didn't have to pretend. I could do it though.

  2. I wonder if this is how Congress started out. :-)

  3. I could definitely play this game. I'm with Karen though...it would be more fun if we didn't have to pretend! Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Candace

  4. What an interesting challenge to think about! I want to play! :)