What is Normal?

What is normal to you is enthusiasm. What is normal to you is laughing a lot. Many, many times a day. Feeling strong and secure. Feeling so much self-confidence, so sure about who you are, that when you look at others you're always in a position to uplift them.

What's normal for you is to have so much energy that at the end of the day you are still looking for things to do. Having such a passion for life that you're eager to get together with other people to hear about what they're doing, to see if it's anything you might want to turn a little of your attention to. To have so much energy at the end of the day, that you're already eagerly planning tomorrow. Feeling disappointed that the sun goes down and enthusiastic the sun comes up.

What is normal is a zest for life beyond anything that most of you, over eight years of age, have remembered or felt in a long, long time. That's what's normal.

It is our anticipation that 30 days of talking the resistance down, to feel a little better, and writing on the Universe's side of the Place Mat what you'd like the Universe to work on--will put most of you in a position 30 days from today of feeling an enthusiasm for life unlike anything that you've felt for a long time. Give that six months and people won't even recognize you as the same person, truly.

Abraham-Hicks G-7/6/95 Calendar pg. 765

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  1. I think that is what it was like when Adam and Eve walked with God, when all Creation was perfect and wonderful, before their fall into pride, ambition, greed, all the things that came between them and God. But this is what God wants us to live like, and Jesus died to redeem us, buy us back from sin and unhappiness - to a FULL LIFE. And someday, that Creation will all be restored. We can't even imagine how beautiful this world would be without sickness, death, betrayal, suffering, grief, bitterness, jealousy, weariness, unhappiness...

    (Didn't mean this to be a sermon. just that we can have that abundant and wonderful life in Christ! :-))